Family Business

Preservation and development of the family business

Our clients aspire to make their entrepreneurial success last through generations. Simon WealthLex’s approach combines the definition of family regulations with a programmatic and value-based purpose with structures with mandatory legal effect.

These projects seek to achieve that family members share the values and endo-family rules suitable to ensure the preservation and development of the family business over time (the so-called Family Constitution).

The Family Constitution is, in our experience, a useful preparatory tool with respect to the negotiation, drafting and execution of documents with binding effect typically adopted when defining the generational transition of the family business (such as, for example, the drafting of a family pact, the establishment of holding companies, the review of the company’s by-law, the implementation of M&A transactions, the execution of shareholders’ agreements.

Our proximity to business clients allows us, thanks to our experience, to support companies assisted by us on day-to-day issues in connection with business development projects as well as M&A transactions.

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